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✧ ✧✧✧ DISTANCE: more than 3 pages study that is sent to your Email or voice by skype,  whatsapp , facebook…. [/asvc_promobox][asvc_promobox bg_as=”back_color” btn_text=”GUIDING YOU” title_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”14″ line_height=”20″ title_color=”#ffffff” descr_color=”#ffffff”]When I am channeling, I project messages from high level spirit guides who speaks messages of encouragement, awakening, and love. When I channel, I create a Divine space for a deep connection with the higher planes of existence to occur. The way I do that, is that I achieve an expanded state of consciousness and a higher vibrational state that allows me to connect higher than normally. I do since little girl…

The future is never set in stone, the same goes with our destiny. We hold the power to change both the future and our destiny by knowing our possible outcomes and consciously make choices that will take us to our desired future. The future is only probable, for what happens is influenced by your thoughts, values, standards, beliefs, past trauma, and unconscious programming. However, when you get the right guidance and know which beliefs and mental programs to release, change your goals, and develop new and higher standards, you will also change your future. I’m here to make that journey as fun, easy, passionate, and aligned as possible.

You have to understand that when I read you, I’m not telling you everything you’re going to experience tomorrow, who you’re going to meet next week, and what your life will look like in a month. However, when I read you, I’m able to see different outcomes based on the vibration you’re currently on. Your vibration can change, which means your probable futures also changes. This happens more frequently when you’re a highly conscious person who knows how to change your state and your vibrational frequency. (Which is an AMAZING thing!)

Exactly when things will blossom for you, all boils down to when you decide to act upon the guidance I’ve given you. The future is determined by what you INTEND to CREATE. As a channel and claircognizant I’m able to feel the energy, thoughts, and emotions that make up who you are and the life you live, which means I can guide you in the directions of your true purpose, biggest goals, most amazing vision, and your dream relationship faster, with the best steps,  helps me give you a clearer overview as to what options you have and what is most beneficially for you to do in this current time.
I can help you find answers to, get clear on, and guide you on topics like:

Life Inner destiny

Soul journey

Spiritual growth

Soulmate connections

 Understand the root of your past and current struggles and how to heal them

 Know which chakra(s) you need to focus on for your spiritual growth

Different  Theraphies

Reiki Nature Healing 

Your inner compass

You can workship with my journey BOOKS :



I’m simply here to lead you into to a deeper connection with your soul and higher consciousness, so that you can see things much clearer. My reading will re-examine the way you thought about yourself and the life you’ve been living. Soon, you’ll be able to reach upwards into spiritual realms where your own spirit guides exists.

I’m here to open you up to spiritual truths and help you understand how the universe works, so that you can work WITH it’s forces, which will result in you creating a life where you feel aligned with your Divine life purpose. It will feel like the first blush of love… I want you to find back to the space within you where excitement and illuminations lies.

Channeling does not take away your lessons and opportunities to grow. It allows your to see more clearly, so that you can take more appropriate actions and accomplish things with ease rather than with struggle. I will put you in the right direction where growth, passion, and aliveness lives! You’ll be guided to take the life changes you’ve been wanting to take, and times the magic with a million!

When you make a conscious decision to put your energy into growing spiritually and aligning yourself with your true life purpose, while also serving others, you WILL be abundantly rewarded.

I work through my spirit guides, but I also use tarot cards to get the Divine messages through. Whatever feels more natural between me and my client, is what I choose to work with. I believe that my client and I have already met – energetically – before a possible reading, and it’s the energetic connection that determines how I decide to let my message come through.

As I channel, I am able to influence your life-force energy to help you heal and rise at a higher, more loving level.
I will open you up to a deeper insight to your current situation, and help you shift your energy to one that will attract your desires with ease and joy.
You will leave our session with mental and practical tools to use on your journey further, while having a basic understanding of how the universe works, so that you NOW can start living a life that is in alignment with your true life purpose!
I’m a medium to high level spirit guides who projects energies of unconditional love, understanding, compassion, and joy. Ana offers reading sessions Universal therapeutic tarot in connection with nature. She do reading canalization inquiries from a forest, beach or her OFFICE WITH PATIENT OR ONLINE DISTANCE: away mostly from people and connected to the essence, which focuses to get an understanding of the here and now.>The wisdom use of some tarot cards that contain energy or change the future of a self-responsible way … showing you the different possibilities … to your situation, either Love, Labor, Health, Prosperity … etc guiding you.

✧ Ana sometimes feel you must include the 5elements (earth, water, fire, air, intention) helping emotions healing, focus that need processing, open up the roads in a given situation, gives you a personalized RITUAL, so that you can connect to the unit, listen your inner voice, in tune with syncrhodestiny, workship with plants, sea, meditating, mindfullness … maybe I Recomend you a quartz …


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✧ ✧✧✧ DISTANCE: more than 3 pages study that is sent to your Email or voice by skype,  whatsapp , facebook….”]

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✧ ✧✧✧ DISTANCE: more than 3 pages study that is sent to your Email or voice by skype,  whatsapp , facebook….”]

3 thoughts on “TAROT

  1. Hello my name is Marcelina. Ana performs a “Reading” via Skype for me, since I live in United States, California.

    I am little familiar with “Readings” but a friend recommended me to her and it is amazing how assertive she is. What I like the most is that it guides you to understand reading and helps you with your doubts. It is not expensive and It is flexible with the dates and times.

    The “Reading” is a serious theme, this clear window where these wise educated people like ANA sees, it is quit impressive. SHE HAVING THE ABILITY TO SEE through a clear window YOUR FUTURE and she be able to let you know IN ORDER FOR YOU TO MAKE CHANGES IF NEEDED, depending in what YOU see that it is ahead of you… it is magnificent.

    I recommend a “Reading” monthly…

    I think that ANY PERSON should go and see ANA for a “Reading” session !!!!! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT !!!!!

  2. She is a loving caring soul with a sweet heart to help people in need of reinforcement in particular hard moments in life. I do recommend strongly Anna’s work for a better understanding of your life ecperiences.

  3. Ana is a professional woman full of love and able to understand you and help you. I totally recommend her. She has helped me a lot.
    Thanks very much!❤️

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