◯ Spring Cleaning For The Soul ☮

Do You Trust That The Universe Will Support You & Your Dreams?

I  begin New BLOG my adventures & and why in english? Cause i wanna practice!!! i wanna remember in my unconscious, everything was learning this language five years in USA)  transmit  my feeling , my messages,, be light, be loved, heal, travel,growing, good vibrations!!!  I wish to be egain myself  and demonstrate how really  i am with good heart persons ♡ depend what kind of person you are you¨ll receive
Today, I am taking a day off!!!!!

While I love what I am doing every day so much its crazy and I’m really happy most of the time


ainss i love feeling the sun i my skin , shine my face! shine my ayes… while i am writing is complicated but i do

Sometimes if things stay the same for too long, we start to atrophy Nothing just “stays the same”.

While I planned to take a full day off today,

I need some soulful Spring Cleaning.

When you don’t want to let things go, you aren’t trusting that the universe will take care of you in the future and bring you another or more if you need it. 

  • Do you trust that if you let go of relationships that feel wrong at their core that new ones will come in the future?
  • Do you trust that if you let go of a job that is abusive that you will find another one? amss  ( recently a freind remember me a oo called toxic people, I read this book many years ago.. is time to aply this egain to my life: let go friendships, lovers, karmas .
  • Only my suitcase & news ones..with good vibra !!
  • Do you trust that if you toss that junk that makes you feel immobilized- everything from old books to newer clothes to extra anything that is building up- that you will be able to have more in the future?
  • Do you believe that if you invest money in yourself in ways that are called for- your wellness, your self-care, your family, your education- that it will come back to you?

In some sense, letting go of things is vital to stay in the flow of life.  We have to be willing to let go of things that no longer fit to have space for things that do.  This is not to say that everything is disposable… but it is to say that when you really need to create space and you know what is needed… sometimes you have to let go of a few things to welcome that new one in

Radically turning your life upside down is not required.  Letting go of things you have lugged around- from old ideas to old habits to old furniture- that no longer fits- is often required.  Trust that you are making space for the new, and let yourself sit in that new space where you can stretch and breathe and dream a little bigger.  Allow new things to come in.  Let life expand a bit… then a whole lot!

Are you excited at the prospect?!

I know I am!