Price : Due to the current economic situation I made this Program Guide accesible for eveyone


A COMPLETE GUIDE  that will support and provide intuitive guidance and you will find Serenity through these uncertain times.

Perhaps you have already been affected financially by this new situation or it is a worry for the future.  Maybe staying in your home for weeks on end with little or no social interaction is making you uneasy or you are already beginning to feel depressed. Perhaps the constant feeling of uncertainty and a situation you cannot control leaves you worried and anxious . I will help you to TRANSMUTATE all this feelings.

  • Where worry and anxiety really come from…the root causes.
  • What exactly is happening in your mind when you worry.
  • How to free yourself from worry and anxiety quickly. A workbook
  • Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Phytotharapy and much more!
  • Mindfulness/ including…. Videos with a friend Monk .
  • Worksheets and guides all explained in detail. Choose your favourites and do them when you wish.
  • Calmness and serenity

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Goal Setting, Reflection, Visualization, Visioning, Journaling, Finding Clarity, Looking Inside, Understanding Yourself Better, Forming Habits, Being your Best self and so many Natural healings to emerge in all at the same time.