Let your body soul mind lead your health
Deja que tu cuerpo ,alma y tu mente guíen tu salud

1;30 hour consultation 79 EUR, while you will receive a health questionnaire. In addition you will be in contact with me three days of follow-up. Then you will receive a document with your treatment. Month of treatment 200 EUR. A review study of the presentation of health problems, progression of the treatment plan, discussion of any relevant pathology or test results, plus dietary and lifestyle recommendations and alterations to current treatment if necessary. Dietetics and nutrition etc.√ Iridología ✓homeopatía •medicina naturista •fitoterapia √Oligoelementos√flores de Bach √aromaterapia √reflexología podal √healing touch hands √iridología √medicina botánica ✓hidroterapia ✓ozonoterapia


ALL INCLUDED Prognosis: Certified medical Naturopath & Therapies treatments ( She has a background as a Pharmacist as well) different techniques and healings such as connect Aromatherapy. Biodecoding emotions, PNL, psychotherapy, reprogramming,

energy cleansing aura , healing with natural resources, mindfulness, meditation… Returning to your essence, listening to your heart, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Goal Setting, Reflection, Visualization, Visioning, Journaling, Finding Clarity, Looking Within, Understanding Yourself Better, Forming Habits, Being Your Best Self,wellbeing,integrative medicine,Energy ,embodiment, healings,spiritual and personal growth mindfulness articles,capacity expansion, guided reflections, prayers, poetry, channeling, tarot… and so many others tools, that come up at the same time..Wellness mindfulness counseling

1;30 hora de consulta 79 EUR, mientras que usted va a recibir un cuestionario de salud. Además estarás en contacto conmigo tres días de seguimiento. Luego recibirá un documento con su tratamiento. Mes de tratamiento 200 EUR

Un estudio de revisión de la presentación de los problemas de salud, la progresión del plan de tratamiento, la discusión de cualquier patología relevante o resultados de las pruebas, más recomendaciones dietéticas y de estilo de vida y alteraciones en el tratamiento actual si es necesario