¿Qué es la Naturopatía?
Es el arte y la ciencia de la conservación y la recuperación de la Salud mediante la utilización de los recursos que la Naturaleza pone a nuestro alcance. Los cuatro elementos son fundamentales para el proceso de curación mediante diferentes técnicas se utilizan Las hierbas, flores, vegetales, el agua, la luz solar , el aire fresco, Diferentes tratamientos ,reforzando el sistema inmune, recuperando el equilibrio entre cuerpo-Mente-Alma que son la raíz de muchas enfermedades.

♡ ANA is a certified Naturopath in Natural Medicine & Therapies, a Reiki healer, Tarot reader, Writer. She has a background as a Pharmacist, works as a hostess perfumery,events & congress and also runs crowdfunding campaigns.

She have knowledge within anatomy, physiology, pathology, alternative treatmenst, empath psychology, nutrition, phyto- and immune theraphies,as well as various methods of diagnosis:

Chakra-Aura-Applied Kinesiology • Reflexology • Phytotherapy Aromatherapy Hydrotherapy lridologia Gemoterapia • Chiropractic • • • Bach Flowers • Sales of Schüssle • Oligoterapia • Phytotherapy • Nutrition & Dietetics • Homeopathy Yoga * Meditation · Biodynamic Craneosacral · Ayurveda · Indigenous medicine


Different treatments are used to strengthen the immune system, restoring the balance between body-mind soul are the root of many diseases.She knows that we have a tremendous ability to heal and become more optimistic people. Somehow we created the disease, internal conflict in the field of emotions, creates a blockage that is reflected on the ‘physical level, materializing in the form of a disease, then an organic lesion. She offer you the most appropriate treatment for yoursef


We have forgotten that the rocks, caves, rivers, plants or animals still know. We have forgotten to be, to be ourselves, to be silent, to be where is life. when heading to natural your attention to something natural,the things that come into existence without a human intervesión, the prison the conceptural thought somehow you participate in the state with there still being all natural. Bring your attention to a stone, or tree or an animal does not mean to think of them but simply perceive then realize them. SOMETHING YOU WILL SPREAD ITS ESSENCE.

I FEEL:  working with natural medicine & therapies such as Reiki and Tarot Readings. Working with crystals and plants has also deeply connected me to Mother Earth and taught me to worship her. Being in nature and feeling the blessings from natural surroundings is so important, for this is when the gift of perspective happens. I am a Channeler, Healer, Curandera, Witch, Writer, Coach. TAROT, COACHING, SPIRITUALITY.

I feel blessed & thankful .



The human organism is a mechanically precise unity, in which thousands of processes are taking place all at once. Fluid balance, concentration of oxygen, production of digestive enzymes, and excretion of toxins, are just a few of thousands of biochemical processes that keep the body balanced.
Balance is an important prerequisite for a healthy and functioning organism.
As human beings, we are biologically armed to manage different impacts. On a daily basis our bodies have to fight many disruptive factors such as; stress, not enough sleep, viruses, bacteria, lack of vitamins and minerals, insufficient eating habits, as well as toxins from our environment and the food we eat.
The primary purpose of naturopathic and bio-medicinal treatment is to liberate and strengthen the body’s own potential to cure itself.
Within naturopathy, the human state of health is viewed as a natural result of life style and environment. We regard illnesses as symptoms of profound imbalances. A signal from the body saying that something is not working properly – something is out of balance. To subdue or paralyze these symptoms is then not the same as treating the illness. This would be similar to knocking out the fuel gauge in the car when it starts blinking and the tank is empty – then expecting to be able to drive on just because the blinking stopped.In order to treat the body naturally, it must be viewed as a unity – a holistic organism.
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