As a little girl Anabela Aurora always had an innate affinity with plants and nature. Her grandmother nurtured this part of her, teaching her how to make natural herbal remedies, and this grounding in plant based medicine from a young age played a large part in determining Ana’s path into naturopathy as an adult. As a child it was also clear that Ana possessed unique abilities as a channel and spirit guide, and this combination of gifts parlayed her into a career as a healer. Ana’s greatest joy is helping others experience growth and happiness through the aid of natural therapies.

Healing Illness

Building upon her childhood connection with Mother Earth, Ana worked as a pharmacist whilst studying to gain her qualification as a certified naturopath. Ana understands and appreciates the body’s tremendous ability to heal. Physical illness and disease is merely a manifestation of internal imbalances and conflicts that have created blockages in the body. Ana can help guide you towards the most appropriate form of natural treatment, and has had great success and experience with treating issues such as:

  • Women’s health – hormonal imbalances, menstrual irregularities
  • Nervous system support – anxiety, sleep disorders, stress management
  • Skin imbalances – breakouts, eczema, inflammatory skin conditions
  • Immune system deficiencies – chronic colds, allergies, recurrent infections
  • Digestive concerns – digestive imbalances, food intolerances, irritable bowel

Many Modalities

Ana draws upon her skills across a vast range of natural therapies to assist her clients on their healing journey. No matter the person, Ana will always initially perform an in-depth study of a clients energy to tap into their essence and determine the best course of action to correct any imbalances. Her many healing techniques include:

  • Naturopathy
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki
  • Chakra balancing
  • Reflexology
  • Tarot

Spiritual and Personal Growth Coach

We could all use a little guidance and assurance when it comes to our life direction, and fulfilling our deepest dreams and desires. Ana believes that everything you need to know is already inside of you. What she aims to do is assist you to gain clarity about your purpose. Her unique abilities as a claircognizant (a person with an intuitive ability of clear ‘knowingness’) is that she is able to feel the energy, thoughts, and emotions that make up who you are and the life you live. This translates into the ability to guide you in the direction of your true purpose, loftiest goals, most amazing visions, and your dream relationships faster. Ana can provide an overview of the options you have and what is most beneficial for you to act upon.

The future is never set in stone, the same goes with our destiny. We hold the power to change both the future and our destiny by knowing our possible outcomes and consciously making choices that will take us to our desired future. The future is only probable, for what happens is influenced by our thoughts, values, standards, beliefs, past trauma, and unconscious programming. However, when we get the right guidance and know which beliefs and mental programs to release; change our goals, and develop new and higher standards, we will also change our future. I’m here to make that journey as fun, easy, passionate, and aligned as possible.” – Ana

You will leave a session with mental and practical tools to use on your journey, while gaining a basic understanding of how the universe works, so that you can start living a life that is in alignment with your true life purpose.

Tarot Readings

Ana utilises tarot as an effective means of projecting messages from high level spirit guides who convey messages of encouragement, awakening, and love. When she channels she achieves an expanded state of consciousness and a higher vibrational state that allows her to connect to the guides. Ana loves the wisdom of tarot cards because they contain energy that allows one to change the future in self-responsible way by showing you different possibilities in relation to your situation, whether it be connected to love, career, health, prosperity etc., and can gently guide you to your desired outcome.

Ana explains that, “when I read you, I’m not telling you everything you’re going to experience tomorrow, who you’re going to meet next week, and what your life will look like in a month. However, I’m able to see different outcomes based on the vibration you’re currently on. Your vibration can change, which means your probable future also changes. This happens more frequently when you’re a highly conscious person who knows how to change your state and your vibrational frequency.”


Another favoured healing tool in Ana’s toolbox is Reiki. Reiki is a system of natural harmonisation (recognised and approved by the World Health Organisation) that uses universal life energy to treat physical and mental diseases and imbalances. The practice involves the practitioner transmitting Reiki (vital energy) to the receiver through their hands in order to alleviate or eliminate discomfort and disease. It is a harmless energy, without side effects, and it is practical, safe, efficient and compatible with any other type of therapy.

The Reiki method is based on the Buddhist belief that the correct flow of vital energy through the body is what ensures a good state of health. Reiki energy is directed to different areas of the receivers body, unlocking them and enhancing the recovery process of the recipient.

Connect with Ana

To find out more about Ana and any of the therapeutic services that she offers, visit her website or email her directly.

Ana is available for retreats, private fincas, workshops and events, and can provide her services in person, or by distance via email, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

Also, keep an eye out for Ana’s books, or contact her to order your own copy. Her titles include:

Wanderlust: In Tune with Nature (version for women)
Wanderlust: In tune with your Inner Compass (version for men)
Gemonature: Conexion con la Naturaleza


Different treatments are used to strengthen the immune system, restoring the balance between body-mind soul are the root of many diseases.She knows that we have a tremendous ability to heal and become more optimistic people. Somehow we created the disease, internal conflict in the field of emotions, creates a blockage that is reflected on the ‘physical level, materializing in the form of a disease, then an organic lesion. She offer you the most appropriate treatment for yoursef.

The human organism is a mechanically precise unity, in which thousands of processes are taking place all at once. Fluid balance, concentration of oxygen, production of digestive enzymes, and excretion of toxins, are just a few of thousands of biochemical processes that keep the body balanced.

Balance is an important prerequisite for a healthy and functioning organism.
As human beings, we are biologically armed to manage different impacts. On a daily basis our bodies have to fight many disruptive factors such as; stress, not enough sleep, viruses, bacteria, lack of vitamins and minerals, insufficient eating habits, as well as toxins from our environment and the food we eat.
The primary purpose of naturopathic and bio-medicinal treatment is to liberate and strengthen the body’s own potential to cure itself.
Within naturopathy, the human state of health is viewed as a natural result of life style and environment. We regard illnesses as symptoms of profound imbalances. A signal from the body saying that something is not working properly – something is out of balance. To subdue or paralyze these symptoms is then not the same as treating the illness. This would be similar to knocking out the fuel gauge in the car when it starts blinking and the tank is empty – then expecting to be able to drive on just because the blinking stopped.In order to treat the body naturally, it must be viewed as a unity – a holistic organism.
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