What you will learn from this course:

✧How to identify the different properties of crystals
✧How to harmonize emotional states
✧How to heal physical ailments with crystals
✧How to balance chakras
✧How to create abundance
✧ How to make perfumes, elixirs, and many more surprises.

ainss In the world of minerals, crystals are the closest to our being and were created to be our best friends. One of the best ways to unleash our pent up energy and to be able to connect with our hear is through the use of crystals. These wonderful beings are the minerals most evolved en energy because they are made up of the four elements; water, earth, fire, and air (and of course the 5th element universal love). These elements were involved in their creation and we should take advantage of this and use them to help us to the max…

Course Details

Online course PLATAFORM  to be able to access the world of crystals whenever and wherever you would like. Take your time, go at your own pace, and have fun learning about the many benefits of crystals.

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Course Outline

Questions are welcomed throughout the course and will be answered in a timely manner———————————— As a bonus gift you will receive a free Reiki Session


Let’s get to know each other and the magic of gems! In search of the essecence of quartz. Nature: – How are Gems formed? – There is magic inside of each mineral – Initiation ritual


Throw caution to the wind – How to charge your crystals – How to care for your crystals – How to incorporate minerals and crystals in your hygiene routine – Calling in abundance to all areas of your life.


Properties of Gems – Emotional and Spiritual attributes of gems – Healing with gems according to different situations – Using Rose Quartz for chakra balancing and visualization


Personal and Spiritual Growth Crystal: Moonstone The Magic of the Moon- The Power of Intuition – Feng Shui and it connection to our aura – Aura Protection Ritual – Crystal and Chakras – How to make elixirs


The essence of crystals and how to use them to balance chakras The importance of the 5 elements….. Yes there are five! – Spring/Winter: the importance of the suns energy  The Wisdom of Women and Crystals – Exercises

As a co-creator I strive to heal with a high level of respect for mother nature and each individuals personality. An in-depth study of a person’s energy is  done with any service that is requested of me; be that a healing necklace, an oil, or perfume. All materials used are natural and not processed. Each healing modality has its own story; according to how Mother Nature intended it and an ancestral history that will tap into your essence. Shine on!